What is your best asset in ensuring protection of your site from pollution incidents?

A properly trained spill response team.  With legislation changes and new spill prevention products coming on-stream, it is vital that your 1st Responders are aware the latest techniques and kept up to date.

Training is probably the most important aspect of spill prevention and investment in this area will not only form part of PPG21 Pollution Incident Response Planning and PPG22 Dealing with Spills but will assist towards achieving ISO14001, Investors in People and compliance with COMAH and other regulations.

Having the correct containment equipment, sorbents and spill kits is very important,
but making sure that staff know how to deploy them is critical!

Ensuring key staff are conversant with their responsibility for site safety, spill prevention and control as well as reducing dangers to the environment is a major emphasis of our courses.

According to the Environment Agency, “Major pollution incidents can in many cases be prevented if appropriate pollution prevention measures are taken at an early stage. Planning is the key to success, and both preventative measures and incident response strategies need to be carefully addressed”.

Training is undertaken by our experienced, dedicated trainers with relevant experience of spills. Courses can be tailored to your requirements and carried out on your site or you can complete the course at one of the STA Open Days at Whetstone.